Breaking: The "Smart Money" Is Actually Betting On Trump
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I still doubt Donald Trump can win a second term, for reasons I have laid out at length in previous podcasts. My confidence in my own powers of prediction took a jolt this week, though.

The jolt came via email from an old friend, a super-smart and worldly guy who enjoys taking a gamble now and then. Here is what he wrote. Quote:

I just took a quick look at the election odds. I was hoping Trump would look like a long shot and I could put down a few hundred bucks and make some money. I discovered that he's favored to win on every single online gambling site—from a five percent to a forty-five percent advantage over Biden.

It's one of the axioms of my life that if you want to know what people think, ignore what they say, and watch what they do. Apparently anyone who wants to do something—wager actual cash— thinks Trump will win. Which would mean four more years of bobbing around the ocean in a lifeboat, but it beats sinking.

The bit I particularly like there is the last sentence: "four more years of bobbing around the ocean in a lifeboat … but it beats sinking." Exactly.

If 2016 was the Flight 93 election, this one coming up will be the lifeboat election: either four more years of bobbing about in static futility under Trump, or getting eaten alive by anti-white, anti-American sharks.

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