Breaking News: Melinda Gates Is Complaining About Office Politics
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As I was mentioning yesterday, a striking fraction of News lately has been deemed to be women complaining about office politics. And now today … from the NYT:

The Bill-Melinda Gates Romance Started With a Rejection

She recounts her evolution to feminist in her new memoir.

By Nicholas Kristof
Opinion Columnist

April 24, 2019

… One of Melinda’s first challenges came in the harsh, male-dominated techie culture at Microsoft. “It was just so brash, so argumentative and competitive, with people fighting to the end on every point,” she writes. She began thinking about quitting.

Then she found a woman colleague, Charlotte Guyman, who felt the same. “It’s not O.K. for women to cry at work, but it’s O.K. for men to yell at work?” Guyman once asked. With other women employees, they began to create oases in Microsoft where courtesy was not seen as a sign of weakness. A critical mass of women employees helped civilize the company.

Which is why Microsoft has produced so much great software in the 21st Century.

Anyway, you might think that in the entire history of office politics, Melinda Gates could be the biggest single winner: after all, she married The Richest Man in the World. But self-awareness is not a priority these days.

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