Boris Johnson Makes Wage Argument Against Mass Immigration
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Theresa May's blundering is practically inviting a leadership challenge and the most likely candidate is Boris Johnson. Johnson was one of the main leaders of the Brexit campaign. He is heavily favored to be the new head of the Conservative Party if May goes down. [Brexit odds: Will there be a General Election or a second referendum? Could Theresa May leave? How likely is a no deal Brexit? by Olivia Tobin, Evening Standard, January 16, 2019]

Boris Johnson has said sensible things in the past about what is happening to Great Britain. However, he's also succombed to Open Borders sentimentality. If one is looking for a stalwart, fearless fighter on the critical issue of identity, he is not your man. However, he may be the best the Conservative Party can produce right now.

He is certainly sounding the right note in his latest comments on immigration. 

Big business must be stopped from accessing “unlimited pools” of foreign labour that keep British wages low, Boris Johnson will say in a speech urging cabinet ministers to “focus on the issues that drove Brexit”.

For too long, major corporations have held wages down by bringing in workers from overseas, the foreign foreign secretary is expected to tell workers at the JCB headquarters in Rocester on Friday.

“But there must be a balance,” Johnson is set to say, calling himself a “passionate believer in the benefits of migration”.

“And if an influx of labour is being used not only to prevent investment in capital equipment but also in the skills and prospects of young people, then we need to think carefully about how we control immigration.”

Johnson – who has long been considered a contender for Tory leader – is set to give his keynote speech just days after Parliament handed Theresa May and her Brexit deal a cutting blow, with the government suffering a historic defeat.
[Boris Johnson blames low wages on 'unlimited pools' of foreign workersby Jasmin Gray, Huffington Post UK, January 18, 2019]

This is precisely the kind of frame the Conservatives need to emphasize as they seek to ward of a challenge from a revitalized Labour party that is returning to old-school socialism. Whatever his faults, Johnson is erudite, funny, and charasmatic. If he can make a firm committment to immigration patriotism as well as Brexit, he can finally create the National Conservative party that the United Kingdom needs so very badly.

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