Border Shooting Update: Dead Illegal Was A Previously Deported Felon, Attacked Border Agents With “Edged Weapon”
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The FBI has clarified details about the shooting at the southwest border that left a violent illegal alien dead. First reports suggested that the deranged illegal tried to seize a border agent’s weapon. It turns out he grabbed a weapon off of a desk. And, of course, he was deported long ago after a conviction for attempted murder.

When border agents caught 33-year-old Manuel Gonzalez-Moran, they confiscated a metal pipe he carried and packed him off to the Ysleta Border Patrol Station, about 16 miles southeast of El Paso on Interstate 10:

Moran later charged out of a holding cell past an USBP Agent and grabbed an edged weapon off a desk in the processing area. Agents provided verbal commands and attempted to gain control by utilizing non-deadly force methods, specifically taser, which was unsuccessful. Agents continued providing verbal commands, however, Moran continued to advance upon them with the edged weapon at which time he was shot by Agents, who provided immediate medical attention until Emergency Medical Services arrived on the scene and transported Moran to Del Sol Hospital.

In 2011, Moran was arrested by the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office in Pueblo, Colorado, on charges of attempted first-degree murder and was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon resulting in serious bodily injury. In May of 2022, Moran was paroled after serving 11-years of his 17-year sentence and was removed from the U.S. to Mexico.

[FBI Investigative Update on the U.S. Border Patrol Agent Involved Shooting at Ysleta Border Patrol Station,, October 5, 2022]

Next, we’ll find out he was a DACA recipient and one of Barack Hussein Obama’s DREAMers.

Grim humor aside, through 11 months in fiscal 2022, which ended September 30, border agents have collared 10,778 criminal aliens at the border who were responsible for almost 15,000 crimes. But those are the ones we know about.

More than 1 million illegals have slipped past border agents since October 2020. One can only imagine how many previously deported rapists and murderers… or even attempted murderers.


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