Border Patrol Union: Agents In Tucson Sector Pulled Off Border. 67.4 Percent of Illegals Escape
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Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has pulled so many agents off the border in the Tucson Sector that at least two-thirds of illegal aliens who cross there are escaping. Just 20 percent of sector agents are patrolling.

“Tucson Sector includes 9 stations covering nearly all of AZ,” the National Border Patrol Council tweeted last week:

Last few days 20% of resources assigned to patrol. All others assigned “administrative”.

1 station had 134 arrests yesterday, but 277 KNOWN escapes.

Others not detected at all.

There is no “secure” border. They lie.

So 67.4 percent of the known illegals escaped at just one station.

And “in Yuma, 95% of migrants that have been nabbed by the Border Patrol this year have been released, according to the sheriff” [Border Patrol catching less than a third of illegal immigrants coming over in part of Arizona, by Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, October 12, 2022].

No wonder the union tweeted this image about the Let’s Go Brandon Regime’s lie that the “border is secure”:

H/T: Border Hawk

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