Operation Lone Star Nets More Than 300K Illegals; Texas Since 2011: Almost 400K Criminal Illegals
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Texas Governor Greg Abbott continues doing the job Traitor Joe Biden won’t do. Since Abbott’s Operation Lone Star began last year, Texas authorities have apprehended 308,700 illegal aliens [Operation Lone Star Stops Human Smuggling Attempts At Border, Gov.Texas.gov, September 30, 2022].

Other results from the program:

  • More than 20,200 criminal arrests;
  • More than 17,900 felony charges reported;
  • More than 336 million lethal doses of fentanyl seized; and
  • Almost 12,000 shipped to Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. since August.

One of the felons was a previously deported, big-eared Mexican called Ricardo Jaime-Ruiz, who tried to take an M4 rifle from a Texas National Guardsman [DPS Arrests Man After Attempt to Seize Soldier’s Weapon, DPS.Texas.gov, September 28, 2022].

And citing the Homeland Security Department, Texas has reported that state and local authorities have booked more than 379,000 criminal aliens into jails since 2011, 261,000 of whom were illegals [Texas Criminal Illegal Alien Data, DPS.Texas.gov].

Authorities charged the illegals with more than 434,000 criminal offenses that ended in more than 163,000 convictions.

Message from Traitor Joe and his gang: The border is secure.

H/T: FAIR.us.org

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