Bloomberg, Colbert, And Murdoch Comedy Hour
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A New York Times editorial called Mr. Bloomberg, Mr. Murdoch, Mr. Colbert [October 2, 2010]makes the trio should like a three-man vaudeville team. This is due to the New York Times's retro habit of calling everyone Mister. It's said that if Jack the Ripper were to come back to life and be charged with murder, the NYT would call him "Mr. The Ripper." In fact, only one of the trio is officiialy a comedian–the other two are billionaire employers of labor. The Times admits this, saying
"Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York and Rupert Murdoch, head of the News Corporation – both billionaires – told the immigration subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee that rational and well-regulated immigration is an economic necessity."
No doubt it is, if you're a billionare. But how about the rest of us?
"Mr. Bloomberg told how New York City, rich in foreign-born, job-creating entrepreneurs, was riding out the bad economy far better than other parts of the country. He warned that America’s refusal to fix its broken immigration system is a form of 'national suicide.' "
Now that's funny!  The Times is now largely owned by a third billionaire—Carlos Slim. But they aren't actually any more pro-illegal immigration than they were when A. M. Rosenthal was working there. They couldn't be—Rosenthal was an illegal immigrant himself.
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