Huffington Post censors Henry Kissinger on Anchor Babies?
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I have Google News Alerts set up for both ”Anchor Babies” and ”Birthright Citizenship”. Viewing the traffic (heavily hostile and mindlessly repetitive) is a direct barometer of the rage the Treason Lobby feels about having their cherished objective of a Majority-Minority America jeopardized. I have seen nothing like it other than the War Against Christmas (also a deeply cherished objective).

On Friday evening I got notification of a new Anchor Baby item on the Huffington Post, displaying the abbreviated headline:

Dr Henry Kissinger: I don’t think anchor babies should become…

with the short quotation:

I don't think anchor babies should become citizens especially if he is a Moslem /Islamic. This archaic law allowing anchor babies should be changed. ...

Intriguing! I immediately clicked on the link to find the curt note

This profile has been removed. Go to home page

What happened?

Kissinger spoke on Wednesday at a State Department conference on Vietnam, which the Huffington Post covered. Could he have made these remarks on the side to their reporter?

In any case, the Huffington Post Politburo was having none of it. The story must have lasted less than a day.

HP of course has a bad track record of repression — for instance eliminating black immigration Patriot Leah Durant’s entire presence there merely on an absurd allegation of a connection to ”White Nationalists”.

Meantime the control faction’s own ethnic animosities are expressed without restraint.

Can any reader find this article out there in cyberspace? Or another account of Kissinger’s view on the matter?

Pointless expecting the Huffington Post censors to allow anything so interesting into the public domain.

Afterward: See Reader solves Huffington Post/Kissinger/Anchor baby puzzle

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