Bloomberg Business "American Worker Got Fleeced" Story Doesn't Mention Immigration, May Not Be About Americans
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Bloomberg Business's sob story about how the "American Worker" got fleeced (subtitle: "Over the years, bosses have held down wages, cut benefits, and stomped on employees’ rights. Covid-19 may change that.") doesn't mention immigration in connection with falling wages. [How the American Worker Got Fleeced, by Josh Eidelson, Bloomberg Business, July 2, 2020] We call these CTRL-F “immigra” stories, stories that ought to mention immigration, but don't.

Steve Sailer wrote in 2015 that

Whenever I see an article with a headline like "Why American Workers Without Much Education Are Being Hammered," I immediately CTRL-F to see if the character string “immigra” appears anywhere in the piece, because that allows me to instantly assess the rigor and honesty of the author. About 80 to 90% of the time, the words “immigration” or “immigrant” don’t appear.

If you want to try this, you might prefer the text string "migr" which will get "migrant" and "emigrant" as well. Bloomberg's article has more than 5500 words about what the bosses are doing to American workers, and none of them have the text string "migr".

On a hunch, I checked "undocumented", and the undocumented are mentioned, but as part of the "American" workers who are getting stiffed.

U.S. courts have offered workers ­little relief. Supreme Court rulings over the past couple decades have allowed companies to make warehouse workers wait in line for security checks ­without pay, even if it takes an hour a day; compel employees to sign away their rights to join class-action lawsuits; and refuse to pay undocumented workers who were illegally fired. [Emphasis added]

And of course, the article's poster child is Gloria Machuca, a Hispanic minimum wager worker in Texas.

She's earning $9.25 an hour, and is thus in favor of the fight to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. Is she an "American" worker? Is she even a legal immigrant? She might be either, but don't count on Bloomberg Business to tell you if she isn't.

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