Blood Will Out! John McCain Descended From A Regicide
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In English History the term "Regicides" refers to the 59 men who signed the death warrant of Charles 1 in 1649.

The shock caused by the execution of Charles I by the victorious Parliamentarians at the end of the English Civil War takes an effort to comprehend in this more brutal and less deferential age.  Kings were occasionally assassinated, killed in battle or quietly murdered but for the machinery of the state to be used to liquidate its own monarch was more or less unprecedented. After all many people sincerely believed Kings were instruments of God.

There is a very active Google Forum Group called ‘Peerage News’. Through the miracle of the internet and publicly available records its members do extraordinary work on the genealogy of the titled and landed families of the British Isles.

This morning ‘Richard R’ posted

MCCAIN, Senator John Sidney (1936-2018)

He was s of John Sidney MCCAIN Jr (1911-81), scion of the CODDINGTON and WALLER Irish gentry families (see below) and Roberta WRIGHT (1912-). He m 1st 1965 (div 1980) Carol SHEPP and had one dau. He m 2nd, 1980 Cindy HENSLEY and had two sons and one dau.
US Senator from Arizona, since 1987 

Dixie CODDINGTON (1693-1776), scion of the Irish gentry family of that name, m Hannah WALLER, scion of the Irish gentry family of that name of Kilmainham Castle (and descended from the Regicide Sir Hardress WALLER (c1604-1666, and ancestor of Princess Alice Duchess of GLOUCESTER (1901-2004)).
Anne CODDINGTON m Richard FENNER (d c1766)
Richard FENNER Jr (c1758-1828) m Ann Mckinnie GEDDY (c1770-c1852)
Eliza Geddy FENNER (1799-1845) m James VAULX (1783-1862)
James Junius VAULX (1838-1913) m Margaret GARSIDE (1848-1928)
Katherine Davey VAULX (1878-1959) m John Sidney MCCAIN (1884-1945)
John Sidney MCCAIN Jr (1911-81) m Roberta WRIGHT (1912-)
Senator John Sidney MCCAIN III (1936-2018)

(My emphasis)

Sir Hardress Waller was a man from Kent who married into the Irish landed gentry. Abandoning his wife's community he declared for the Parliamentary cause (despite having been knighted by the King) and served in England and under Cromwell in Ireland, becoming increasingly radical in his politics.

John McCain’s career was a series of spectacular betrayals, starting it appears in North Vietnam [Can It NOW Be Asked? Was POW McCain A "Hanoi Rose"? Among Other Things] peaking with his preventing effective campaigning against Obama in 2008 [McCain's Farewell Message: "I Had the Privilege to Concede Defeat" (In The Election He Threw To Obama)] and of course constantly demonstrated by his relentless efforts to destroy his countrymen’s living standards and cultural future by promoting amnesty and immigration surges. [McCain, Kennedy, And "McCain-Kennedy"—McCain's Friendship With Kennedy Did Him No Credit]

Blood will out!


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