Blaming Immigrants For Drought—It's The Numbers, Stupid!
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Blaming Immigrants For Drought—It's The Numbers, Stupid!

Below is kind of thing you find when you search for us on Twitter:

That's a link to California Water Shortage Now “Critical”–What Could Be The Reason?, By James Kirkpatrick. No one here thinks that the Rain Gods are refusing to smile on California because it's being invaded by illegals.

This is the kind of explanation much more likely to occur to a Mayan peasant than those of us with First World educations.

We think that any perceived water shortage is caused by the amount of water divided by the number of people, whether you're in an open boat in the middle of the of ocean, or a large state on the Pacific Coast with 55 electoral votes .

California's population is 38 million people, and 27.1%    percent of them are foreign born, more than two and a quarter times the national average. More than 25 percent of all the foreigners the US live in California.

The reason there is a water "shortage" is because there's a population "longage."


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