Blacks Commit 73 Per Cent Of All Justified, Self-Defense Killings—Mostly Of Other Blacks
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Amy Swearer has a long thread of cases of black people acquitted on grounds of self-defense:

This is not news to me. In 2013, Eric Holder  attacked "Stand Your Ground" laws (not a factor in the Zimmerman case, Zimmerman was pinned to the ground by Trayvon Martin) because he thought the "victims" of self-defense (failed carjackers, armed robbers, home invaders, etc.) are disproportionately black.

Mark Levin tweeted:

This is true. In his 1993 review of Jared Taylor's Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America, Peter Brimelow wrote this about  disparate crime rates:

Nor is the disparity caused by middle-class law enforcers over-concentrating on street crime. In 1990, blacks were nearly three times as likely as whites to be arrested for white-collar crimes such as forgery, counterfeiting, and embezzlement. And, finally and conclusively, blacks themselves are responsible for 73 per cent of all justified, self-defense killings. The vast majority of the people they kill are other blacks. [Invisible Men, National Review, January 18, 1993]

Yes, George Zimmerman lived near a black neighborhood and was forced to kill an attacker to survive. Blacks live in black neighborhoods. See this Karen de Coster story for an example of what that's like:

Barbara Holland is a black woman living in Detroit. Clabe Hunt was a black man. Clabe entered her small, used car dealership one day, asking all sorts of strange questions, and then left. Barbara is a woman with a concealed weapons permit...

Barbara is alive, and Clabe is dead, and quite right, too.

What Jared Taylor originally wrote in Paved With Good Intentions was this:

Sixty percent of the people killed by police are black, even though they are only 12 percent of the population. Is this because the police are racist? Maybe not. Nationwide, blacks account for 58 percent of all arrests for weapons violations, 64 percent of all arrests for violent crimes, and 71 percent of all robbery arrests. It is less well known that blacks are responsible for 73 percent of justified, self-defense killings by civilians, and the overwhelming majority of the people they kill are other blacks. [William Wilbanks, The Myth of a Racist Criminal Justice System (Monterey, Calif.: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, 1987), p. 78].

I realize these aren't recent figures; if you have a more recent source, email me at

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