Black Police Culture In Baltimore—Again
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Gun Rights blogger Clayton Cramer points to this story about what an "elite gun task force" on the Baltimore PD was doing instead of arresting gang members with guns. They were doing "mob-style shakedowns"—extortion backed by a their own guns and badges.
Cops accused of mob-style shakedowns in stunning indictment

By Joshua Rhett Miller

March 2, 2017 |

Seven cops in Baltimore assigned to an elite gun task force acted like “1930s-style gangsters,” allegedly shaking down citizens they falsely detained, filed fake police reports and made bogus overtime claims, according to federal prosecutors and top police brass.

US Attorney for Maryland Rod Rosenstein told reporters during a press conference Wednesday that the accused cops participated in a “pernicious conspiracy scheme” that “tarnishes the reputation of all police officers.”

The indictment now puts scores of active cases and investigations into question in Baltimore, where the alleged criminal activity happened throughout last year — when the city’s police department was under investigation by the Justice Department for civil rights violations.[More]

These  cops are almost all black—5 out of 7.

The black-ruled city of Baltimore was under investigation (by the Holder-Obama Justice Department) because of the accidental death of Freddie Gray, a black drug dealer whose neck was broken during his ride to the police station.

conorsarticleThree black and three white cops were charged with various crimes—there were zero convictions.

At the time, extremely faux conservative Conor Friedersdorf, [Email him] did a piece for the Atlantic titled  The Brutality of Police Culture in Baltimore | Years of abuses are every bit as egregious as what the Department of Justice documented in Ferguson, Missouri, and as deserving of a national response [The Atlantic, April 22, 2015].

What the Holder-Obama Justice Department  documented about Ferguson was that blacks commit more crime than whites. What Friedersdorf was documenting about the Baltimore PD was that they have a lot of black police officers.

You couldn't see that Friedersdorf's story, but if you clicked through the links,  you could see that almost all the corrupt and violent cops were black and/or Hispanic. See  Contrary To Conor Friedersdorf, Baltimore Doesn’t Have A Police Problem—It Has A BLACK Police Problem for the details.

If the Sessions/Trump Justice Department were investigating Baltimore PD with the same frankly racialist slant as favored by Holder/Obama (which they won't and shouldn't—but will  be accused of anyway) the first thing they'd ask is "Why does Baltimore have so many black cops?"

A lot of minority police corruption stems from lower hiring standards for minorities.


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