Black On Black Crime Up In Major Cities—A Consequence Of The War On Cops?
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Ideas have consequences, as the conservatives used to say.

Shooting and homicide rates are spiking in major U.S. cities including Baltimore and New York in the wake of nationwide protests against policing tactics such as stop-and-frisk and the questionable use of force against unarmed black men by law enforcement officers.

The number of shootings in Baltimore nearly doubled through May 31 compared with the same period last year, and homicides jumped from 86 to 131. The New York City Police Department said it had about a 9 percent increase in shootings and almost a 20 percent spike in homicides in that same period. Chicago also is reporting a rise in its homicide rate.

[Violence spikes in major cities as cops walk tenuous line between fighting crime and civil rights, by Maggie Ybarra, Washington Times, June 16, 2015]

It's worth noting that African-Americans themselves will pay the highest price for increased crime. Businesses will close, as they already have in Ferguson, leading to fewer jobs. White flight will increase, accelerating the entire process.

As Pat Buchanan speculated not long ago, "law and order" could reemerge as a potent political issue in the Republican primaries.  Yet Republicans, both candidates and in Congress, seem strangely silent about the sudden spike in crime rates caused by the media's war on (white) policemen. It would be so easy for Republicans to take advantage of it—as Peter Brimelow said of the immigration issue with Barack Obama, all they would have to do is say it.

Instead, Republicans seem content to keep pushing destructive trade pacts seemingly designed to infuriate the Reagan Democrats they need to win so desperately.

This is why I'm sanguine about Donald Trump running for President. It's not Donald Trump who shouldn't be taken seriously. It's the Republican leadership.


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