Black Lives Matter Insanity Is Leading To A Massive Rise In The US Homicide Rate
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Some things in politics are so predictable.

Ever since George Floyd acquired the status of Sainthood last summer, a significant portion of Americans embarked on a blood libel campaign of epic proportions against the white population.

The hysteria was so pronounced, that looney concepts such as “defund the police” became an accepted part of political discourse. A sober society would laugh such proposals out of the venue. Alas, we no longer live in a sane country.

Instead, rabid mobs and constant anti-law enforcement barrages from the regime media prompted significant numbers of cops in urban centers across America to leave their work [Nearly 200 Officers Apply to Leave Minneapolis Police Force, by Kyle Morris, Breitbart News, July 21, 2020; Across America, cops are quitting. Here’s why that’s bad for public safety, by Charles Fain Lehman, the Philadelphia Inquirer, November 13, 2020].

Unsurprisingly, homicides have gone up. It’s almost as if an environment that makes it difficult for law enforcement to do their jobs creates toxic social outcomes….

According to a report from The Hill earlier this month [Cities got deadlier in 2020: What's behind the spike in homicides?, by Rafael A. Mangual, April 5, 2021], north of 20,000 criminal homicides took place in 2020. The Hill report provided a grim overview of the homicide frenzy sweeping across the nation:

  • New York, which also had seen homicides rise (albeit by much less) in 2018 and 2019, saw almost 150 additional homicides and more than 750 additional shootings in 2020, representing respective increases of 45 percent and 97 percent;
  • Chicago, which hadn’t yet fully recovered from homicide spikes in 2015 and ’16, saw 274 more homicides and 1,435 additional shootings in 2020—55 percent spikes;
  • L.A. saw homicides jump approximately 38 percent, or nearly 100, while shootings spiked almost 40 percent;
  • D.C. closed 2020 with homicides up for the third year—this time by almost 20 percent, or 32 more deaths;
  • Killings in Philadelphia, where year-end homicides have risen every year since 2016, were just one body shy of 500, a 40 percent increase;
  • Louisville saw homicides jump by more than 70 percent, shattering a record set in 2016;
  • Cincinnati’s homicides spiked more than 28 percent, reaching a record of 94;
  • In Detroit, shootings and homicides rose for the second-straight year, soaring by 53 percent and 19 percent, respectively;
  • Shootings in Providence, R.I., doubled, while homicides rose from 13 in 2019 to 18 in 2020;
  • Homicides jumped for the second straight year in Minneapolis, to 84 deaths—the highest tally since 1995;
  • Cleveland had its highest murder tally since 1982, after a nearly 40 percent spike in killings last year;
  • Houston hit 413 murders in 2020—a 42 percent increase over 2019;
  • Indianapolis saw a 40 percent bump in murders;
  • For Denver, the murder increase was 50 percent;
  • Fresno, Calif., saw its homicide numbers spike by 64 percent.

Zooming out a bit, this wave of violence is just one aspect of American social decay. I haven’t even mentioned immigration.

Should the radical Left see its agenda through, we’ll have defunded police and full-blown open borders. As American cities start looking more like failed statelets, power vacuums will invariably emerge. Last summer, we received an appetizer from the multicultural dish of social disarray when the Latin Kings street gang took charge of policing their neighborhoods in Chicago [Cicero residents accuse police department of letting gangs roam during looting by Manny Ramos, Chicago Sun Times, June 2, 2020].

With the U.S. accelerating into Banana Republic status, criminal organizations like the Latin Kings will quickly pounce on any chance to fill a power vacuum and start gobbling up neighborhoods Americans are no longer willing to defend.

Imbibing the cocktail of multiculturalism comes with nasty side effects. And one of those will likely be the veritable disintegration of public order.

Will anyone bother to take a stand against this insanity?


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