Black Hate Crimes Against Asians, But Press Only Identifies The Victims` Race
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When this item was first pointed out to me, the headline was NYPD Investigates Attacks On Asian Women. It's been updated to
NYPD Makes 3 Arrests In Attacks On Asians Police: 2 15-Year-Olds & 12-Year-Old Turned In By Their Own Parents After Surveillance Video Of Suspects Released Pablo Guzman,, April 9, 2010 There were surprising arrests on Friday in a series of hate crimes on the Lower East Side.

Police were looking for three girls in particular, because they were the ones, the victims said, who actually carried out the attacks, while two young men, police said, were the lookouts.

Police said they're responsible for at least five attacks on the Lower East Side — all the targets were older Asian women.

Well, a video police released earlier Friday was the break in the case: yes, someone who recognized the teenagers contacted police, and that someone were the parents.

Earlier Friday evening, the parents of a 15-year-old girl, a 12-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy brought their children to the 7th Precinct and will let justice take over.

Their kids were expected to be in jail overnight, and because of their ages, will be charged in family court Saturday morning.

And because the targets were all older and Asian, the attacks are being categorized as hate crimes.[More]

As is frequently the case, they've identified the minority group that is the victims of the hate crime, but refused to mention the race of the attackers, even though they have pictures, like the one above left, and video as well, which clearly show the assailants as African-American. They wouldn't add this to the description even when the kids were at large, and likely to strike again.

There is fierce race hatred against Asians in the African-American community, which leads to frequent violence—see Black Racism, By Ying Ma, The American Enterprise, November/December 1998, and twelve years later, Chinese Woman Beats Black Woman on SF MUNI, January 3, 2010, on Ying Ma's blog.

Perhaps the SPLC could be persuaded to investigate? No, they'd probably investigate Ying Ma.

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