Black Detroit Mayoral Candidate Says: “Let’s Take Back The Motherland"…From White Mayor
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Escape from Detroit and Detroit: The Unauthorized Autopsy of America's Bankrupt Black Metropolis are the only books in print daring to tell the true story of Detroit's collapse into an international punchline.

It wasn't Democrats that ruined Detroit.

It wasn't unions that ruined Detroit.

It wasn't free trade that ruined Detroit.

It was simply replacing the founding European (white) population with Africans-in-America, courtesy of the so-called Great Migration of Blacks from the south to Detroit. Remember, Detroit was  98 percent white in 1917—when it was known as the Paris of the West—and is now 83 percent black today (when it is synonymous with ruin porn and blight, the consequences of blacks being stewards of a civilization white people built and then abandoned to black control).

Well, there's a revealing mayoral race in Detroit happening as you read this, with the son of Coleman Young (the first black mayor of Detroit) running against the incumbent white mayor. And just take a look at what Mr. Young said in a televised debate, a comment confirming we are living in a post-racial America!

Coleman Young II Comes Out Swinging Against Mayor Mike Duggan, Says ‘Time To Take Back The Motherland’, CBS Detroit, October 26, 2017

Less than two weeks away from Election Day, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and state senator Coleman Young II faced off for their one and only debate. It was eventful.

“I’m running to be your next mayor because everywhere my opponent has been there’s been a criminal investigation — whether he was at DMC, whether he was at DPS, whether he was at Wayne County and now with the city,” Young said in his opening remarks.

And he said this: “Let’s take back the motherland.”

Many considered that a not-even-thinly veiled reference to race. Duggan is the first white Detroit mayor since 1970; Young is black, the biological son of famed Detroit mayor Coleman Young, who served 1973-1994. Young had to be sued in 1989 to acknowledge the paternity of Young II, who was born Joel Loving and later changed his name to reflect his paternity.

Young also repeated allegations of bid rigging against Duggan, which the mayor has denied.

“You know, you don’t have the slightest bit of shame,” Duggan told Young. “I never met with any contractors, I never did any such thing and there was never any criminal investigation at DMC and you should stop impugning the people there.”

Young also laid into Duggan about crime prevention, which he called “incompetence on parade.”

“Violent crimes have gone up 15.7 percent, whatever he’s talking about doing is not working,” Young said.

Violent crime in Detroit only exists because the city is 83 percent black. Detroit's much-touted financial burden is courtesy of the racial transformation of the city (remember: Detroit was close to 85 percent white until 1950).

Black studies professor Dr. R. L’Heureux Lewis [Twitter], who published Abandon Detroit, Abandon Black America back on June 2, 2010 at the now defunct black paper, the Atlanta Post. It lives on at the black website Madame Noire (and here’s the link).

Right in his first paragraph, any confusion about the origins of Detroit’s collapse is blowtorched away:

Detroit is a microcosm of Black America. I believe if you cannot love Detroit, you cannot fully love Black people. The Detroit Metropolitan area represents the best and the worst that Black folks in this country have to offer. The Black middle class was solidified in and around Detroit with steady unionized blue collar labor in the auto industry.

The middle class expanded as more Black folks with college educations occupied managerial positions. Detroiters experienced and vigilantly fought the racisms of housing redlining, riots, as well as White and Black flight. Detroit has benefited and suffered at the hands of White and Black leadership. If there is a city that tells us about the promise and perils of Blackness, it’s Detroit. I’m so interested in what happens in Detroit because if we can turn it around, we can turn around the rest of our cities.

“The promise and perils of Blackness.”

When Coleman Young II says, “Let’s take back the motherland," he does so to promote the dubious virtues of the "promise and perils of Blackness," as well as explicitly make a call of racial solidarity to blacks to vote out the evil whites—once again—just as they did when his dad became the first black mayor of Detroit in 1973.

Just a hint: there will never be a post-racial America, just an ever-increasing anti-white America (where racial solidarity is expected among all nonwhite people, and the establishment vigorously polices against all attempts for white identity to gain steam).

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