Biwo Vot: Haitian Language Voters
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Biwo Vot


This illustration is from Will Hispanic growth help Democrats in Florida?, Sun-Sentinel.Com, By William Gibson March 24, 2011. (Answer in brief: yes, of course. Don't be stupid.)

But I don't want to talk about the Hispanic vote, I want to talk about the "Biwo Vòt" sign on a Florida polling station, right below the "Centro de Votación"  sign. Apparently elections in Florida are now held in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. (See a trilingual sample ballot in PDF.)

"Biwo Vòt" means voting office, I. E. Bureau De Vote. Haitian Creole is  the language of Haitians who can't speak English, but don't really speak French, either.

But apparently they're now American citizens, and Miami is officially trilingual!

Here's a brief roundup on Haitian immigration—I wonder if there are Republicans stupid enough to try to pander to the Haitian vote?

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