Coming soon near you: A Haitian Deluge
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With the unerring news sense that makes the site so valuable, the Drudge Report has as its leading story this morning

RED CROSS plan to bring 45,000 evacuees from Haiti to Florida; 'Mass migration'...

This arresting headline links to a characteristically dishonest MSM headline Plan To Bring Haitians To Central Fla. Not Set In Stone January 14 2010

As Drudge has grasped, the issue here is that there is a plan.

The Red Cross is preparing for two things: the repatriation of Americans living in Haiti and the possibility of a mass migration of Haitian nationals.

( emphasis)

A Google News search on Haiti evacuees reveals the influx is already substantial. Does anyone seriously think fraud is absent? Or will be corrected?

The Obama Administration has made its position clear. At least they know what they are doing. Florida’s Governor Crist is shaping up as a first class buffoon.

Governor Crist was at a jobs summit in Orlando Friday morning. Crist wouldn't confirm whether Haitian refugees would be coming to Central Florida…

He should of course be rejecting the idea vociferously.

A job summit! What are the chances he raised the obvious most decisive solution: an immigration moratorium?

Tell The Red Cross they have a bad idea.

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