Bismarck, ND Can`t Have ONE White News Anchor?
April 26, 2013, 02:21 AM
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The Internet is buzzing with amusement over the crudeness of first-day-on-the-job anchor A.J. Clemente`s blurting of "f*cking sh*t" just as he went on the air

I`m not going to be too judgmental about slipped profanities (though the increase in `diversity` and the coarsening of the culture do seem to track each other), but come on: two anchors on a local station in 90-percent-white North Dakota, and their names are "Van Tieu" and "A.J. Clemente"?

It underscores my point that journalists in the "downmarket" areas aren`t typically from those areas, and see them only a hick way-stations on the way to New York or Los Angeles. It affects coverage because they`re contemptuous of tradition and traditional (white) people. They see North Dakota as a place to be monitored for racist tendencies, which can be reported on thanks to their willingness to hide out there for a while.