Bill Moyers Journal On Immigration—9:00 PM—Questions Invited
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Bill Moyers will be on at 9:00 PM, (Check your local PBS station here) discussing immigration with Manuel Vásquez [Email]of the University of Florida. You'll be able to see video online afterwards at the Bill Moyers main site. Here's what Vásquez has to say:

“Perhaps that’s one of the things that threatens some of the people who are restrictionist – that they see some of these immigrants maintaining loyalty, maintaining their language, maintaining their culture to some extent. And for them this is a threatening situation because they think of sovereignty very much in an exclusivist way… [After] the first World War, we shut the door. And for a while that door was pretty much closed. And we had tight limits on who could be admitted. And of course, before that, we had the Asian, the “Yellow Peril,” right? The Chinese Exclusion Act... this whole concept of illegality is really problematic, because it really doesn't go to the complexities of the situation.”

You can submit questions to Manuel Vásquez here via the comments form. (The questions will be answered later.) You can also email Bill Moyers here and ask him questions. Sample question: "Bill, you were in the White House, working for LBJ in 1965, when he passed the Immigration Act. What was he thinking?"

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