Immigrant of the Week: Playing the Poker Hands Americans Don't Want
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VDARE writers read immigration lawyer propaganda so you don't have to...

Today's item is the recurrent column in the newsletter "Immigrants of the Week" to remind us of how "enriched" we are by immigration diversity.

At the top of the latest list is Jerry Yang. Not the billionaire Taiwanese immigrant Jerry Wang, the CEO of who was recently criticized for ratting out Chinese democracy activists to the communist government.

No, this is Jerry Yang , the Hmong poker-playing champ.

Jerry Yang a Hmong Laotian native, is the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event champion. Yang, born in 1968, fled with his family from Laos to neighboring Thailand in the 70s and spent four years in a refugee camp where he lost a brother and sister. Yang came to the US as a refugee in 1979 and grew up in California. He quickly caught up with his American-born fellow students and went on to receive a masters degree in health psychology from Loma Linda University. He now is a therapist and father of six. [ILW Immigrants of the Week 11/19/07]
To be fair, I'm happy that JY is self-supporting. But do I think America needs to import foreign poker players? Not so much.
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