Biden's Border Betrayal Death Toll: 13 Border Patrol Agents Died From Covid In The Line Of Duty Last Year
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Earlier: A Former Border Patrol Agent Says Illegals Are Giving Covid To Border Patrol Agents...Who Find Themselves Quarantined In The SAME Motel As Illegals

Here's Breitbart's report on record deaths among the Border Patrol:

"Three Border Patrol agents died of COVID-19 during the month of November 2021 alone."  Covid has gone through the Border Patrol like grass through a goose.  I'm not sure what percentage of Agents have gotten sick with Covid, but I'm sure it outstrips the general population. (See my post above.)

The fact that the Biden administration turns a blind eye to illegal immigration during a supposed pandemic should make even the most ardent believer in masks and vaccines take pause.  Why is the Biden administration so unconcerned about this? 

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