Biden Decorates Oval Office with Tributes to Leader of Violent Anti-Immigrant Nativist Militia and to the Redliner-In-Chief
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See, earlier: Cesar Chavez Vs. Wetback Labor: 1972 Interview

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Any bets on how long the media’s Joe Biden Honeymoon lasts before it starts to entertain attacks on him for his lack of appropriateness over contemporary theology?

How long until Biden gets in trouble for putting up a portrait of FDR, who is best known to younger generations as the Redliner-in-Chief? His media honeymoon will be extensive, but the logic of Wokeness can’t exempt him forever.

Biden puts up a bust of an anti-immigration campaigner, who led a march at the border to shut it down to keep out Mexicans, and who organized a militia to beat up undocumented workers: Cesar Chavez.

Chavez’s extensive anti-immigrant actions (Mexicans were imported as scabs to break his United Farm Workers strikes, so he put his brother in charge of the UFW goon squad that beat up immigrants) have been memoryholed, partly because he wasn’t white and therefore must be Good and partly because nobody really cares about Latinos so nobody except ancient fogeys like Joe can remember Chavez.

But everybody still remembers FDR: for redlining, for interning the Japanese, for not stopping the Holocaust, etc. For the other stuff that Biden remembers FDR for, not so much.

On the other hand, Biden is Not Trump, so you won’t hear about his Elderly White Guy Gaffes for a while.

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