Belgian (Really Flemish) "Yellow Vests" Rally Against UN Migration Pact; Brazil Pulls Out
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Were it not for President Donald Trump, the absolutely sinister UN Migration Pact likely would have been signed by every Western nation as another one of those fuzzy sounding international agreements that sound good to journalists but cause great harm to nations.

With its proposed abolition of real border controls and even criminalization of opposition to mass immigration now receiving worldwide condemnation, the Pact's propogandists have been reduced to arguing that its provisions are non-binding. [A Nonbinding Migration Pact Is Roiling Politics In Europe, by Emily Schultheis and Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic, December 11, 2018] (Of course, if that's the case, what's the point of even having it?)

The administration of Brazil's new president Jair Bolsonaro recently declared it would be pulling out of the agreement. 

Brazil will pull out of a United Nations pact on dealing with rising migration, the incoming foreign relations minister said, joining the United States and a growing number of countries in rejecting the agreement...

[The foreign minister said]

“Immigration shouldn’t be treated as a global issue, but rather in accordance with the reality of each country...

Bolsonaro, who takes office on Jan. 1, has adopted what opponents have called a harsh stance on immigration. In 2015 he was quoted describing refugees coming to Brazil as “the scum of the earth”.

[Brazil will quit U.N. migration pact, incoming minister says, Reuters, December 11, 2018]

There's also more opposition against the treaty in Europe. In Belgium, activists borrowing the "yellow vest" symbolism of the protests in France recently protested against the Pact in Brussels. The government cracked down on them with riot police and tear gas. Needless to say, there are no weeping journalists screaming about a government "gassing its own people." 

Thousands of demonstrators in Brussels have marched against a UN migration pact, signed in Marrakech last week.

Flemish right-wing parties called the march, which took place near major EU institutions, amid fears the pact could lead to an increase in immigration.

Police deployed tear gas and water cannon as clashes broke out. About 5,500 protesters took part...

The largest member of Belgium's ruling coalition, the right-wing N-VA party, left the government last Sunday in protest against the prime minister's decision to sign the agreement.

[Brussels protest over UN migration pact turns violent, BBC, December 16, 2018]

Actually, judging from the videos, many of those in the demonstrations likely regard themselves as primarily Flemish, not Belgian. There is a strong movement among the Dutch-speaking Flemish for independence and if it means the end of the phony country of Belgium, something of a model for the post-national EU, this is something patriots should support. 

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