Battle Flag Banned In New York...But Not At!
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's latest virtue-signaling move on Tuesday was to ban sale and display of the Confederate Battle Flag. 

cuomo tweet

So we're going to sell it! presents...The Patriot Pack!

The Patriot Pack Includes:

  • 1 Confederate Battle Flag for proud display in your New York apartment (or anywhere!)
  • 1 hardcover copy of Who Are We? by Samuel P. Huntington

While supplies last, get yours by donating $61 here!

$61 represents the year of secession, 1861, of seven southern states and the formation of the confederacy. 

Secession/partition/re-division of states and territories is one of Editor Peter Brimelow's hobby horses at

Readers will enjoy a brief selection of our many, many pieces on the site about the Confederate Battle Flag:

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