Austrian Foreign Minister Gets Headlines for Saying Elected Officials, Not Smugglers, Should Decide Who Can Move to Europe
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It’s fascinating what’s considered headline news these days. The Washington Post reports:

Austrian officials say Europe, not smugglers, must decide which migrants make it

By Carol Morello April 4 at 3:52 PM

European nations must step up humanitarian aid to countries in the Middle East hosting displaced persons so more people can stay there safely, and Europe should open its doors primarily to the most vulnerable asylum seekers, Austria’s foreign minister said Monday.

“Our goal is that we decide who can come to Europe, and we decide who we help, and that we don’t let the smugglers decide,” Sebastian Kurz said in an interview before he met with Secretary of State John F. Kerry. …

“I understand they are looking for a better life in Austria, Germany and Sweden,” Kurz said. “But it’s our job as politicians to create systems that can work. The concept of no borders is not going to work.”

A high government official saying “The concept of no borders is not going to work” is news.

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