Aurora Mall Not A "Gun-Free` Zone
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Someone wondered if the Aurora Mall, site of the "Dark Knight" shooting, was a "gun-free zone," requiring moviegoers with Colorado CCW permits to leave their guns at home or in their cars. Malls and public places frequently do this, foolishly, since it obviously only disarms the extremely law-abiding.

For example, Virginia has liberal concealed carry laws, but Virginia Tech didn't.

Checking the website of Simon Malls, I find that they frequently have such policies, a search for weapons finding that they prohibit

Possession or carrying of firearms or weapons of any kind, openly or concealed, with or without a permit...

in Sarah Palin's Alaska.

However, the policies for the Aurora Mall carry no such stipulation, and it seems that Colorado Law doesn't allow it, except where there are metal detectors, as in an "urban" nightclub.

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