Federale's Explanation of the "English Examination"
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In response to my Walnut, California blog entry (here), Federale wrote a blog entry entitled English Language Requirement for Naturalization? Not!   It is very informative.

I knew that there was an exemption, and obviously nowadays plenty of naturalized people aren't using English as they should. But what I didn't know, and what Federale explains, is that the actual examination itself is a joke.

Quoth Federale

But the most important part of the alleged English language examination is that it consists of only one part. The applicant is required to transcribe a sentence spoken by the ISO. And by policy that sentence cannot be more than four words long. Some test. Even if you pass, you may still not know much English.

This is an outrage, and ought to be publicized. A lot of politicians say they support Official English, but how many of them know what the naturalization examination actually consists of ?

In the words of Federale,

It is time for Congress to make the naturalization process a serious examination of an immigrant's knowledge of civics and English.

Another problem is Executive Order 13166, "Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency"(see here). This order was signed by Cilnton in 2000. Of course, Bush could have issued his own executive order countermanding it. But of course, being Bush, he didn't. How about asking Candidate Romney what he would do about it?

So we need to apply a real English exam, EO 13166 should be countermanded, and certainly, we need to drastically reduce legal immigration.

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