Paul Kersey On The Dark Knight Rises, The Colorado Killings, And The MSM Narrative
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I saw The Dark Knight Rises at midnight too, but I’ve asked Peter Brimelow to hold off publishing my review/analysis until more facts come to light about the mass shooting in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater by the very white James Holmes.

Notice the MSM quickly points this out, having no need in this case to conceal the unpleasant racial facts about gun violence in America.

The current incident involves the politically opportune “white guy goes crazy with a gun” template, easily fitted into the gun control narrative.

In contrast, the body count piling up in Chicago , in what one cop recently labeled “tribal warfare,” is just routine. As was the story from Detroit of a mass shooting that left a nine-month old dead earlier this year.

Nor should we forget how the MSM disappears what has dubbed “Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome.” (37 incidents, 337 dead at the last count). Anyone remember the Korean student who shot up a Bay Area college this spring?

So brace for another Giffords-type witch hunt. And stay tuned Bat fans: my look at Christopher Nolan’s triumphant finale to his interpretation of The Batman will be posted soon.

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