On the Border: Retreat?
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According to the earnest liars of Washington, the border is ”as secure as it ever has been” and is getting safer all the time, despite the ongoing complaints of people who actually live there. In May, the ever helpful President Obama promised 1200 National Guard troops would be sent to the border by August 1 (though they haven’t arrived as yet).

However, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer appeared in a video in late June which showed her in the desert 80 miles north of the border near a sign that warned the public about the danger from Mexican drug cartels.

Last week, the President signed the Southwest Border Security Bill, as Congress and the White House wanted to appear concerned as Election Day draws closer. The legislation puts a piddly $600 million into border enforcement, but at least it shows a move in the right direction, right?

Not so much, if recent developments are to be taken as significant.

Sheriff Larry Deaver has heard a less cheerful story, that some Border Patrol agents are being pulled back from areas that are considered too dangerous by their superiors. Doesn’t that mean that Mexican organized crime is taking over American territory as US border police essentially abandon it? Park land is being given up now; how long until ranchers are advised by Washington to vacate their property for safety considerations?

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