Being Aunt to President Obama helps
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The Federale blog (an invaluable source of expertise on immigration law) has posted an acidic discussion of the Executive Office for Immigration Review’s Hearing Officer (often wrongly termed Judge) Leonard I. Shapiro’s decision to grant asylum to President Obama’s Aunt Zeituni: see Shocking Mendacity August 18 2010

the grant of asylum was not based on the laws governing such claims, as she was inelligible to file a third claim for asylum while under removal proceedings for two failed and fraudulent claims that were rejected by other more intelligent hearing officers…her previous statements to the EOIR were lies, plain and simple. She lied to get asylum and she failed twice with those lies. No Hearing Officer of any intelligence would have accepted at face value any claim, not only after two sets of lies, but her repeating those obvious lies again.

She did not go through the asylum process like anyone else. No alien is allowed to reopen a previous denied asylum case years afterward, after she had failed to follow the proper appeal process and while an abscondee. Only because of her relationship with Obama was she allowed to reopen her case. Only because Obama is President was such a worthless decision authored by Shapiro.

And, most importantly, only because Obama is President, has DHS failed to file an appeal of this decision. Such a baseless decision from a Hearing Officer would normally been appealed, but not this time. Auntie Zeni is free and only because of Obama

In’s view Shapiro’s weakness is lack of integrity rather than intelligence.

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