Audacious Epigone: America's Impending Rapefugee Crisis
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Thousands of alleged Hondurans are being ushered through the narco-state to our south with support from the Mexican government there and from 'humanitarian' groups here (groups that should be charged with criminal conspiracy). They're headed for Tijuana. They know catch-and-release means they'll be running around California in a month, scheduled for an asylum hearing six months later they'll never bother showing up for. This thing is coordinated, and the invasion auxiliary forces know how to play the game:
There are month-old infants being carried by young mothers alongside elders in their seventies who are making the journey. There’s also a small contingent of people who identify as LGBTQ.
From video footage and photos it doesn't appear that this invasion force is as overwhelmingly comprised of fighting-age young men as the Middle Eastern and African invasions into Europe have been, but the media is portraying the exceptions—queers, grannies, tots—as the rule. Young men are clearly overrepresented:

The rhetorical projectiles—nativism, homophobia, misogyny—are being put in place ahead of their arrival at the US border a couple of weeks from now, when the full battle will be joined.

Initial reports were, as mentioned above, that the caravan was heading towards Tijuana. Major media now appears to be running interference on that, reporting that there are several potential crossing points the invaders may end up heading for—it's all contingent on the capriciousness of the train schedules!

They are heading to Tijuana because California is just a hop and skip to the north. Why enter through Arizona or Texas when a renegade state that is engaged in a low-grade insurgency against the federal government over illegal immigration is a potential destination instead?

The wall should have been constructed yesterday. If this horde isn't turned back, these thousands of Hondurans will be a tremor ahead of the impending magnitude 9.0 earthquake that will manifest itself as a mass exodus from Venezuela, a failed socialist state where people are literally eating pigeons and whoring themselves out for groceries.

Blow up the White House phone lines tomorrow, (202) 456-1111. Get in on the virtual action, too. Plead with President Trump to stop the invasion.

If he lets this vanguard in, he risks becoming the American Angela Merkel. The coming showdown over this is shaping up to be a watershed moment not only in the Trump presidency or even the history of the US, but of the history of Western civilization.

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