Assimilation Muslim Style
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"Little Kabul" is part of Fremont, California, and is now populated with tribal people from a nation that must be considered backward even by Third World standards. In primitive Afghanistan, spirits and superstition have more currency than western medicine. Naturally, such attitudes are part of the wondrous diversity we have been urged to welcome as part of Washington's multicultural immigration policy.

Suicide is a sin in Islam, and mental illness is taboo in Afghan culture. Often, those who have mental disorders are frowned upon. They are called "daywana," a foul word for insane. Antidepressants are considered pills that Western doctors give patients to make them crazy. Anxiety attacks are defined as occurrences where evil Jin — spirits — take over the body. [ Pride and Shame Hide Taboo Topics in California's 'Little Kabul', New America Media 8/31/06]

It's curious then how the Afghan community rushed to embrace the insanity defense when a possibly psychologically unbalanced immigrant, Omeed Aziz Popal, killed one and injured 18 others in the recent hit-and-run attacks ("SUV Jihad in San Francisco?"). The latest from the case is that the defense attorney has rescinded his client's not guilty plea and requested more psychological testing.

(As I've mentioned before, some of these various Muslim murderers of Americans may be legally insane, but it is Islam which defines how they act out their rage.)

For Muslims residing in America, it's better to be thought an insane murderer wanna-be than a blood-thirsty jihadist killing infidels with bombs and SUVs. Isn't assimilation nice?

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