Miller Boycott Coalition
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There's a Miller Boycott website now, [] for people ticked off with Miller Brewing [contact them] for their support of illegal immigration and amnesty. ( See It's Miller Crime It’s Miller Crime:Denial and It’s Miller Crime: Evidence by Randall Burns for details, also Michelle Malkin

They have a fun graphic of people doing the Boston Tea Party with Miller Beer. (The original Boston Tea Party was done by men who disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians, which would now, I suppose, be considered worse than the underlying crime. )

I would be happy to boycott Miller, but I gave up drinking in 1982. From what I can remember, ( a little hazy in spots) it wasn't much good either as a cool refreshing social drink, or for getting you drunk. You can sign a petition here, and you can check out Marketing Malt Liquor - and Shaping a New Underclass, for some insight into why Miller might want to encourage Hispanic immigration.

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