Is Civility Declining In Sudan?
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Traditional medicine still holds sway in Sudan, particularly since there are so few real doctors in the country, and "spiritual healers" are a familiar part of the culture. And we don't call them "witch doctors" any more, buster. ["Sudan's sick turn to spiritual healers for cures" Reuters]

Removing demons is a popular treatment, but one which may indicate an alarming erosion of civil discourse in Sudan...

"People do not discuss their problems any more. These days, if someone has a problem with someone else they go straight to a witch-doctor to put a curse on them," said Aisha, a secondary school teacher.

Interestingly, the U.S. State Department grants lots of diversity visas to Sudan (1,015 in 2005), so Aisha might immigrate to America, should she choose to participate in the visa lottery and get lucky. (Unless of course, Washington passes the legislation (HR 1219) to rid us of one of the dumbest programs ever.)

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