As Foreigners Colonize Britain, Actual British Fertility Plummets To Lowest Level In Recorded History
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Related to the above item, in a way I'll leave you to figure out for yourselves. Headline from, October 17th, headline: Demographic Collapse: British Fertility Rate Lowest in History, But Number of Foreign Mothers at Record High.

Edited quotes from text:

The fertility rate in England and Wales has fallen to the lowest level in recorded history amid the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, at 1.58 children per woman last year …

While the native British population saw a decline in fertility rate to 1.5 children per woman, however, the foreign population actually saw its fertility rate increase to 1.98. The most common country of origin for foreign parents was Pakistan, with Romanians [i.e., Gypsies] coming in second.

Poor Britain, poor old Britain. Stick a fork in it, it's done.


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