Crime In France—Romanians Lead The Way, Followed By Tunisians...And Hispanics From Latin America
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An interesting chart by Philippe Lemoine of France:

Lemoine says that he thinks the huge "Romanian" spike are actually Gypsies (Roma) who arrested for theft, but he can't say for sure, because the French government records citizenship, but not race.

This color-blind policy leads to actual blindness on the part of social scientists, who are kept in ignorance of racial statistics. See, from in 2003, Connerly's Racial Privacy Initiative: The Unhappy French Connection.

Of course, most American social scientists are willfully blind—they don't want to see the statistics the American government collects.

Note that while only about one  French citizen per one thousand is incarcerated (and many "Frenchmen" are black or Arab) not only is the rate for Tunisians over 5 per thousand, so is the rate for Hispanics—not people from Spain, but immigrants to France from Latin America.

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