Arizona Demographics Irreversible..."If"
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Demographer William Frey is quoted in a Bloomberg News story as saying the makeup of Arizona,

"a flash point in the U.S. debate over immigration, changed so much in the last decade that if birth rates and other factors hold steady, Arizona will be majority Hispanic in a generation..."[Arizona Is Immigration Debate Ground Zero With Hispanics Rising, By Michael White - Mar 22, 2011]

If "birth rates and other factors" hold steady...."if" may be only two letters, but it's a very big word."birth rates and other factors"

And if, thanks to SB 1070 and similar measures, you don't get Hispanics leaving the state and patriotic, conservative Anglos moving in, well then, of course it's inevitable. Otherwise not.[See Electing A New People: Arizona Chooses Conservatives, By Steve Sailer,  December 8, 2010]

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