Why is this happening?: The Answer
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Unfortunately, as is endemic with Vdare.com contributors, I had to give attention to my paying job yesterday and only lately turned to the Immigration debate.

Happily, the Senate Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration bill seems to be in deep trouble. When low-rent operatives like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh declare against something, one can be sure the grass-roots opposition must be immense.

A key MSM tactic has been to play up complaints by pro-immigrant forces. The way ”Google News/ Immigration” works these heavily sponsored stories naturally rise to the top.

A much more significant question was posed in the thread to Immigration plan blasted on both sides By: EDWARD SIFUENTES - Staff Writer North County Times May 18 2007

Reptile09 wrote on May 18, 2007 3:24 AM:

”If Bush and these Senators had gone to the border and signed a surrender treaty with Mexico, I can't think how this so-called compromise could be any worse. If this is ever allowed to be signed into law, America as a sovereign nation is over. My only question to Jorge Dabaju Booch is this: Why do you hate Americans so much? Every thing you say and do is an insult to the citizens of this country and amounts to treason against the Constitution. What have we done to you, that you would force this travesty of government down our throats? You let thousands of innocent American die at the hands of criminal illegal aliens. You let them destroy our schools, hospitals and neighborhoods. You let them drive our wages down to third world levels and all the while smile and give that smirking chimp grin. Why do you hate us so much? "

Why do they hate us so much? VDARE has considered this question, notably here and here.

But speaking to the fact that they do hate us is this story: U.S. offer to Bhutan refugees fuels tension Reuters India Thu May 17, 2007

Tens of thousands of ethnic Nepalis were expelled or fled from the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan in 1991, and around 106,000 live in poverty and exile in crowded camps in eastern Nepal, roughly one-sixth of Bhutan's population. Last year, Washington offered to take 60,000 refugees from the camps in a move that has divided the exiled population

What possibly could be the motive to offer more than half a brown, Hindu, non-English speaking group of peasant farmers from a location half way round the world - with which America has never had an involvement, unlike the Hmong - access to America?

Other than to obliterate the historic American nation?

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