Antle On Dobbs in The American Spectator
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James Antle has a piece in the February American Spectator on Lou Dobbs that quotes Joe Guzzardi and Brenda Walker on Dobbs's  immigration wobbling. Antle quotes the Wall Street Journal as saying that "'is working to repair his reputation for antipathy toward Latino immigrants” which his associates consider 'a glaring flaw” in his ability to seek public office." It isn't—Latino immigrants don't vote much, and they almost never vote Republican when they do.

Yet Guzzardi’s fellow VDare scribe Brenda Walker detected Dobbs going wobbly more than a year before his post-CNN apology tour. Dobbs told liberal writer David Sirota he’d be open to tripling legal immigration if “we make a judgment that we’re going to raise immigration levels.” “There’s nothing in me that is a restrictionist whatsoever, and I realize that separates me from others who are against illegal immigration on the basis that there is too much immigration,” Sirota quotes Dobbs as saying in his book The Uprising. “I don’t believe that.” It is merely Washington’s lack of control over immigration that “leaves [Dobbs] in despair.”Lou Dobbs' America By W. James Antle, III from the February 2010 issue
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