Antle On Dobbs in The American Spectator
January 29, 2010, 05:54 PM
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James Antle has a piece in the February American Spectator on Lou Dobbs that quotes Joe Guzzardi and Brenda Walker on Dobbs`s  immigration wobbling. Antle quotes the Wall Street Journal as saying that "Dobbs â€?is working to repair his reputation for antipathy toward Latino immigrantsâ€? which his associates consider â€?a glaring flawâ€? in his ability to seek public office. " It isn`t—Latino immigrants don`t vote much, and they almost never vote Republican when they do.
Yet Guzzardi’s fellow VDare scribe Brenda Walker detected Dobbs going wobbly more than a year before his post-CNN apology tour. Dobbs told liberal writer David Sirota he’d be open to tripling legal immigration if �we make a judgment that we’re going to raise immigration levels.� �There’s nothing in me that is a restrictionist whatsoever, and I realize that separates me from others who are against illegal immigration on the basis that there is too much immigration,� Sirota quotes Dobbs as saying in his book The Uprising. �I don’t believe that.� It is merely Washington’s lack of control over immigration that �leaves [Dobbs] in despair.�

Lou Dobbs` America By W. James Antle, III from the February 2010 issue