Antifa Terrorist Gets 20 Years In New York J6 Stabbing—Has History Of Violence Against Patriots, Christians
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During the summer of communist violence in 2020, Rep. Jerry Nadler claimed that Antifa, the Democrat Party’s terrorist street army, is a “myth.” Then Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed that “Antifa is just an idea.” Well, a member of the myth and idea, self-proclaimed Antifa goon Alexander Contompasis, recently landed a 20-year prison sentence for stabbing two Proud Boys at the New York state capitol’s Stop the Steal protest on January 6, 2021.

“The judge sentenced Contompasis to 12 years for first-degree assault in one stabbing, and eight years for attempted first-degree assault for the other stabbing,” reported Robert Gavin of Albany’s Times Union

He included five years of post-release supervision. Before imposing the sentence, the judge said that during his lifetime, people with opposing political views used to be able to agree to disagree and move on to non-political matters. McDonough bemoaned the state of political discourse in 2022, calling it toxic.

[Man sentenced to 20 years for stabbing two members of the Proud Boys, by Robert Gavin, Times Union, November 17, 2022]

The William McKinley Institute keeps an eye on Antifa and its sociopathic terrorists. Writer John T. Kelly explains that Contompasis is “an anti-White Jewish extremist with a long history of political violence,” including attacking a patriot at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017 [Profiles of Anti-White Extremists, by November 27, 2022].

“In July of 2020, Contompasis would be filmed joining in on a mob attack against congregants of Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York” because of the church’s traditional religious and cultural beliefs, Kelly reported.

Then came the stabbing on January 6, 2021. Amusingly, the communist thug claimed he was an “independent journalist.”

The judge didn’t but it: 

Independent journalists don't carry knives. This defendant did.

As for whether Antifa exists, here is Contompasis: “I am Antifa.” And not to put too fine a point on it, but here he is again:

10 years ago if you told me I was going to be part of an underground Anarchist network of masked avengers called Antifa... I would have absolutely no idea what the f*ck you were talking about.

Maybe Nadler and Biden should tell Contompasis that Antifa is just a myth, just an idea.

They might also tell the family of Trump supporter Aaron Danielson, who was murdered by “100% Antifa“ terrorist Michael Reinoehl during the summer of communist violence in 2020.

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