More On Muhammad Ali: "The Greatest Anti-White Boxer Of All Time"
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Apropos of my post about Muhammad Ali’s vehement opposition to inter-racial marriage, two items.

Piers Morgan is in hot water for raising the same subject. Did he read it first at

Writing at Taki’s, Jim Goad explains how vehement Ali was about certain things, not least homosexuals, the latest favored victim group. If it were revealed that a white conservative said these things, we’d never hear the end of it.

After meeting The Beatles for a silly photo op, the Champ had a question: “So who were those little faggots?”

He thought that “all Jews and gentiles are devils,” which likely traces to his embrace of the Black Muslim movement and its nutcake philosopher king, Elijah Muhammad.

Then there’s this gem:

He also reportedly lied in a 1975 autobiography when claiming that being refused service at a white restaurant caused him to toss his 1960 Olympics Gold Medal in the Ohio River. According to Ali’s friend Bundini Brown, “Honkies sure bought into that one!”
Despite his low IQ, The Greatest correctly gauged the gullibility of white liberals.

Then there was his evaluation of Zaire after “The Rumble In The Jungle” against George Foreman: “Thank God my grandaddy got on that boat.”

As I wrote in the earlier post, don’t look for this information in the standard hagiographical obituary.

That’s too bad.

Joe Sobran used to say the real Abe Lincoln was much more interesting than the Marble Man in the memorial. So it is with Ali. But telling the truth wouldn’t serve the larger purpose of showing that Ali was, The New York Times put it, the “country’s conscience.” In other words, he wasn’t a flawed but fascinating human being. He was a national Magic Negro.

That isn’t what he was. He knew that even if the liberals who lionize him don’t.



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