Anti-Semitism Is A Disease?
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So I'm watching E! Hollywood News (don't ask me why...pregnancy has possibly rotted my brain) and apparently Mel Gibson's arrest for DUI over the weekend is causing quite a ruckus in LA LA Land.

In a world where drug and alcohol addiction (and just garden-variety debauchery) is so prevalent that it sounds more like an entry on a resume than an affliction, why should a DUI stand out? some point during the ordeal, Gibson supposedly said something like "Jews are responsible for most of the wars in the world."


The only thing more dangerous than someone making a derogatory comment about Jews in Hollywood would be a naked woman standing outside of mosque in Tehran with the words "ALLAH WAS HERE" written in body paint across her chest.

Back to E! Hollywood News...some Rabbi was interviewed and asked how he felt about Gibson's allegedly racist remark.

He said (brace yourself) "Mel Gibson suffers from two diseases—alcoholism and anti-semitism."

My sister (who is the funniest person I know) was watching as well and when the Rabbi tossed out that little zinger Jen said:

"All this time we've been concerned about AIDS and Cancer when there are other more worthwhile diseases which deserve our attention."

On a more serious note, this is not about anti-semitism or racism or anything of that nature—I am not interested in saying what is or isn't an anti-semitic remark. Hate as a hobby (and there is no proof that Mel Gibson does) is not my cup of tea!

But set all of that aside for a moment because I do know one thing:


Just because something is distasteful, annoying or just plain wrong does not mean it is a disease—see: television evangelism, vegetarianism and Beatlemania.

Stupidity on the other hand...

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