There's No Crying In Baseball!
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That's what I told Joe Guzzardi when he was doing the piece about Peter Pace crying about immigration reform. (It's a quote from the movie A League of Their Own, which is about girls playing baseball when the men were off to war.

Apparently, this is a trend in modern politics, now it's Grover Norquist:

Yesterday, while appearing at a pro-comprehensive-reform press conference in Washington with Senators McCain, Kennedy, Salazar and Graham, Norquist tossed off some of his trademark wisecracks — "It was good to meet this morning with Senator Kennedy; I grew up in Massachusetts before emigrating to the United States" — but then drew a muffled gasp from the room when he punctuated a historical tale of how the Republicans in 1884 alienated a century's worth of Catholic voters by campaigning against Rum, Romanism and Rebellion ... by sobbing openly into the microphone.
Eyes reddened, he called the rhetoric by anti-reform populists "damaging" and "hateful," and then quickly concluded his remarks.Borderline: Why Is Grover Norquist Crying?


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