Attention Illegal Aliens! No Justice, No Fear In Jacksonville, Florida... Sheriff John Rutherford!
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One step forward, two steps back While cities and counties, not to mention states around the U.S. are beginning to take advantage of a ten-year old federal law that will train local police to apprehend and detain illegal aliens - and build deportation cases on them, Sheriff John Rutherford in Jacksonville, Florida, has decided that it will be easier if he not just ignores the illegals in his community, but promises them sanctuary. It seems that the Sheriff in Jacksonville has promised illegal aliens that if they don't turn to the gangs for "protection"...he will promise that they can safely live and work illegally in his jurisdiction. I won't ask if you don't tell? The Florida Times Union today ran a story describing the local sheriff's motivation behind creating a new "International Affairs Unit" that apparently has been formed to "quell the fears of illegal immigrants concerned they would be arrested and deported if their status in the United States was discovered."[ Sheriff assures fearful Hispanics, By Dana Treen, , July 31, 2006 ]

In America, the police are here to protect your rights," Rutherford said, pausing while his remarks were translated to the mostly Hispanic audience. "They don't have to turn to MS 13 or some other group to protect them."

MS 13, a street gang with roots in Los Angeles' El Salvadoran community, is growing in numbers in the South as Hispanic populations grow, according to the National Alliance of Gang Investigators' Associations.

Rutherford said police intelligence units learned last year that there was a possibility MS 13 members were being contacted to provide protection after a series of assaults on Hispanics who roomed together in Jacksonville apartments and residences.

That is why this unit had to be started now," he said.

We wonder from here in Georgia which other crimes Sheriff Rutherford will ignore to make his job easier, and which rights Americans have in his area. Apparently not the right to equal protection under the law.

"In America, the police are here to protect your rights"...indeed.

Note from D.A. King to Sheriff Rutherford: you are a coward and a disgrace to your uniform. My grandfather was a beat cop in Detroit from the late 1920's until the early 1960's. He died at age 96 with more integrity in his little finger than you have shown here. I am glad that he did not live to see your shameless actions.

Maybe that "anti-litter" initiative will make the citizens you are sworn to protect forget this ridiculous and shameful act of Not if I can help it, you are now a pet cause here.

While the rights of Americans are being violated every day in Jacksonville, Florida by the illegal aliens, we now see that a head law enforcement officer has decided that if you are Hispanic and in the U.S. illegally, you have more rights than those pesky Americans who are expected to obey the same set of laws.

Sadly, it will only be a matter of time before we are forced to add another name to the NO MORE DEATHS page here because of Rutherford's cowardice.

I am livid. We should all be. Welcome to the "New Florida" in the New America of George W. Bush.

Which gangs do Americans turn to to protect themselves? Contact Sheriff Rutherford here. I will.

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