Another Stupid “Open Letter”— NATIONAL REVIEW Finds Catholics To Attack Trump
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Apropos of the earlier post about National Review’s Enemies List of Donald Trump’s supporters, a group of Catholics, many of them scholars, has penned a Open Letter, published in NR, denouncing The Donald. [An Appeal to Our Fellow Catholics by Robert P. George & George Weigel, March 7, 2016 ]

Yet the Open Letter does not explain why a single one of Trump’s positions runs against Catholic teaching. Rather, the letter merely explains why Trump is bad. Bad. And More Bad. The letter is laughable on its face, and it appears the signers just don’t like him.

For instance, the eggheads write, “His appeals to racial and ethnic fears and prejudice are offensive to any genuinely Catholic sensibility.” These scholars should know better than to use the “No True Scotsman” argument.

Millions of level-headed, very sensible Catholics fear violent blacks, Hispanics and Muslims, and I bet that not one of the signers of this letter lives in Anacostia in D.C. or certain parts of Arlington, Va., for precisely the same reason no other sane white person does: Fear of crime.

Beyond that, believing that any sizable group of the three might be dangerous is a logical deduction from past behavior. Not all “prejudice” is evil. It’s how human beings evaluate situations without having 100 percent of the data. Call it what you want, but again, I’d like to see the addresses of signers.

Does Trump’s position on immigration trespass Catholic teaching, or just the authors’ “sensibility?” No, it doesn’t, as I have explained.

My suspicion as a Catholic? This group of pro-life neocons hasn’t thought the abortion issue through, as my priest friend did (see link above). More immigrants means more Democrats means more abortion.

That, not Trump’s vulgarity, is what should offend “any genuinely Catholic sensibility.”


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