A Talk Radio Listener Reports NATIONAL REVIEW Compiling An "Enemies List" Of Trump Supporters
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From: An Anonymous Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

Mark Steyn was in for Rush Limbaugh today, talking about the GOP Establishment's attack on Trump.

He said the GOP Establishment are now like what Milton Himmelfarb famously said about the Jews—they're as rich as Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans. (He noted that Rubio's first ever primary victory was in the non-voting territory of Puerto Rico.) He wondered where else Rubio can win—Puerto Idaho?—and suggested that the GOP needs more non-voting territories for their primaries.

He said the GOP tent will only look big because the only people left in it will be Jennifer Rubin and Rick Wilson after they expel everybody else as "not conservative". (Rubin says that Limbaugh is not a conservative.)

He reported that Marco Antonio Wright at National Review is compiling an enemies list of politicians who support Trump and speculated that they will be in for retribution, like Brendan Eich, the Mozilla executive who donated to oppose a referendum on gay marriage.

James Fulford writes: I found the Wright post—Wright is  apparently one of the teenagers NRO hires as their own personal form of cheap labor—and it's here: Archiving the Trump Endorsers’ Hall of Shame, February 26, 2016.

On Twitter, Wright posted a YouTube Clip of the audio where Steyn points this out, and changed his Twitter bio to add the words "-designated Pajama Boy"—which means that the has a sense of humor about this, but it's still a stupid thing for a junior editor at a failing conservative publication to try and declare Jeff Sessions to be anathema.


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