ANOTHER Lying Zuckerberg Ad! What Is His Problem?
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Why does Mark Zuckerberg so much want to harm ordinary Americans?

On Friday Politico disingenuously reported

Americans for a Conservative Direction, an affiliate of the Silicon Valley-backed advocacy group, on Friday launched a remarkable $750,000 ad campaign heaping praise on the House GOP for its new plan for immigration reform…

The 10-day buy includes national broadcast TV and cable TV, plus talk radio. The ad, produced by FP1 Strategies, ends with type on the screen saying: “HOUSE REPUBLICANS WANT TO FIX IMMIGRATION – STRENGTHEN OUR ECONOMY.”

Tech group boosts GOP on immigration By Mike Allen, January 31, 2014

No mention was made of the source of this effort. Mickey Kaus acidly commented

Meanwhile, Politico‘s Mike Allen is writing press releases for Mark Zuckerberg’s … Hope you get the ads, Mike! … Zuckerberg’s fake conservative front group, "Americans for a Conservative Direction" says it has launched a $750,000 campaign to make it look like the House leadership’s legalization push is really tough, tough, tough.  The  Zuckerberg video implies, falsely, that the gist of the Boehner proposal is to legalize only “DREAMers” (“a chance at the American dream for those brought here as children”) as opposed to all the 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Dishonesty has always the hallmark of Zuckerberg’s ads as our trusty Talk Radio Listener friend has repeatedly documented. Here is his annotation of the latest radio spot:

Man’s voice with background music:

House Republicans have a conservative[Cultural Marxist] solution to fix [destroy] our broken [unenforced] immigration system. [Zuckerberg’s false representation of] Their plan –

Step 1: Secure the border [required by unenforced existing law] and require tough employment verification [required by unenforced existing law]. The Republican plan will put more agents on the border [to look for bootleg videos and gray market cameras] and give them better[more expensive] equipment and technology [from government contractors that pay appropriate tribute] to [pretend to] fight the problem. And it establishes [not unless enforced] a reliable e-verify system to ensure that employers [who fail to make the required payoffs] only hire people who can legally work here.

Step 2: Anyone in America illegally undergoes a criminal background check [already done frequently, without consequence]. If they have a violent criminal past, they should be [but won’t be] deported.

Step 3: Pay fines [less than the administrative costs], taxes [a net loser – many already claim money back as Earned Income Credit, claiming existent and non-existent children around the world as dependents] and learn English [already required of naturalized citizens, but ballots still must be printed in numerous foreign languages]. No Amnesty [But any legal status is Amnesty]. But a chance at the American dream[loot] for those brought here [illegally] as children.

Step by [treacherous] step, House Republicans want to [appease the money changers and pretend to] fix the immigration problem, which will strengthen [their bank accounts and destroy] our economy. Get the facts for yourself [at, but not from liar Zuckerberg]. Go to Paid for by Americans for a Conservative Direction [a Zuckerberg front, financed by an infinitesimal fraction of the daily market fluctuations in Zuckerberg’s Facebook shares].

Two questions occur Have they reverted to being afraid to name the money behind the Treason Lobby?

This is no way to win a war.

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