Announcing the Book Club!
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Dive in to a monthly read with the Team and fellow Immigration Patriots by joining the Book Club!

In June, we’ll dig into Lawrence Auster’s Our Borders, Ourselves: America in the Age of Multiculturalism. Click here to subscribe and access exclusive content with James Kirkpatrick and the team.

For just $7 each month, you will…

  • Receive exclusive content with discussion questions, further reading and party ideas compiled by the VDARE Team.
  • Be entered to win a giveaway of that month’s featured book!
  • Get exclusive access to book club events across the country.
  • Every dollar you give supports the independent immigration news you rely on.

Every day, strives to be your leading source of immigration news and information in the fight to keep America American.

This new Book Club offers our readers the chance to dive deep into the issues gripping our world today: immigration, national identity, human biodiversity and the defense of Western Civilization. Books will include a heady mix of dissident classics, unheralded gems, and buzz-worthy new releases. Let’s get reading!

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